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The advantageous location of Ionian Golden Sun makes it an ideal starting point for day trips to Lefkada, Paxos-Antipaxos and Corfu. Also, near the Ionian Golden Sun you will find:
  • The sources of the river Acheron in Glyki, an area of unique natural beauty, but also outdoor activities, such as horse riding, rafting, aerial crossing (flying fox) and hiking.
  • The Necromandeion in Mesopotamos, which brings to life the epic of Homer and the mythical journey to the Gates of Hades.
  • The mouth of the river Acheron in the village of Ammoudia and the pleasant surprises that await you on the boat trip to the heart of the mythical river.
  • The Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios in Kypseli, one of the most important monuments of the late Byzantine period and the only Byzantine Monastery in the area.
  • The romantic Parga, with the imposing Castle and the Church of the Virgin Mary on the green island that decorates its bay, but also with its enchanting nightlife.
  • Zaloggo, where by climbing 410 steps you will reach the monument – a symbol of the sacrifice of the Souliotissas.
  • Ancient Nikopolis with its ancient theater and mosaics, built by the Roman emperor Octavius around 30 BC, after his victory in Actio.
  • The mansion of Preveza with its insular aspect and its picturesque cobbled streets, which awaits you to experience its cosmopolitan life.